CD Reviews

Khaliji - Bridging the Gulf

The Two Nays of Bashir Abd al-Al

Oumeima's Make-Over

Kronos Releases Caravan

Drawing by Zareh for Aljadid Magazine Featuring an article on Farid


Book Reviews

Music of the Arabs by H. H. Touma

Arab Music and Musical Notation by I. El-Mallah

The Illustrations of the Maqamat by O. Grabar

Concert Reviews

Syrian Orchestra

The Two Tenors of Arabic Music

Laith Ulaby Reviews UCSB Long Beach Concert


Jordanian Pianist Composes Worthy Work

Baalbak Comes Back to Life

Layla Murad: the Cinderella of the Arab Screen

Arab Music by Professor A. J. Racy   


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Made in America: Historical and Contemporary Recordings of Middle Eastern Music in the United States by Anne K. Rasmussen

Listening to Umm Kulthum by Virginia Danielson

Recent Recordings of Traditional Music from the Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia by Kay Hardy Campbell

Introduction to Sufi Music and Ritual in Turkey by Irene Markoff

Musics of Algeria: Selected Recordings by Dwight Reynolds

New Recordings of Turkish Classical Music by Walter Feldman

Traditional Iranian Dastgah Music by Margaret Caton

The Qur’an Recited by Mahmoud Ayoub

Instrumental Improvisation in Arab Music by Scott Marcus


The Musical Pulse of Tunisia By Thorne Anderson

A Heritage Without Boundaries By Kay Campbell

Arab Pop on the World Stage by Louis Werner

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Marcel Khalife Discusses the New and the Old in Arabic Music in a Leading Literary Supplement The Rationalization of Arabic Music Translated and edited by Elie Chalala

Umm Kalthum - Legendary Songstress of the Arabs By Habeeb Salloum

Mohammad Abdul Wahab: The Father of Modern Egyptian Song By Habeeb Salloum

Khalife's "Magic Carpet," a Revolution in Arabic Music By Abdel'ilah Balqaziz

Musical Legacies of S. Makkawi, M. Bashir, and W. Akel by Sami Asmar

Remembering Farid al-Atrash: A Contender in the Age of Giants by Sami Asmar

A Song for Every Heart - FAIRUZ LIVE AT BEITEDDINE and Moods Unveiled - MAZAJ ALANI by Basil Samara

A Night To Remember With Sufi Music and Ritual Dance WHIRLING DERVISHES OF DAMASCUS by Kathleen Hood

Aljadid Essays:

We Turn the Page from City to City By Marcel Khalifé

Lebanon's Summer Festivals by Etel Adnan

Um Kulthum by Mai Ghoussoub

Oriental Tunes Interviews Sharbel Rouhana

Aljazeera Discusses Arab Music

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Um Kalthoum
Nour el Houdda
Nazem el Ghazali
Farid al-Atrash
Simon Shaheen: Tradition and Creativity
Fairouz - Legend and Legacy
The Rahbani Brothers
Leyla Mourad
Sayed Makawi
Sezen Aksu
Laure Daccache
Sayed Darweesh
Abdel Halim Hafez
Shalgi Baghdad
Magida el Roumi
Mohammad 'Abd Alwahab
Ziad Rahbani

The Story of Al-Farabi in India from



Sabri al-Mudallal

The Modest Syrian Sufi Singer Passes The Torch

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Remembering Zaki Nasif: A Lebanese Musical Odyssey

Imagining Lebanon Through Rahbani Musicals
By Elise Salem

New Um Kulthoum Biography Searches Behind the Legend
By Beige Luciano-Adams

Toufic Faroukh on Jazz, Saxophone, and Memory
By Mai Munasa


Decade Later, Layla Murad Still Unforgettable Artist






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